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In Nesvizh (part 2)

To start from the beginning click here: part 1

We got back on the train, quickly arrived to Haradzieja got on the bus and in about 20 minutes we were in Nesviz. The first impression of the city was: "Wow, that one does look a little bit more like a city. At least they have blacktop".

It says "Сultural capital of Belarus welcomes the guests!"

Movie theater "Salute" (such a communistic name -_-)

Slutskaya Gate - the only survived gate, which meets visitors and folks entering "old town" from the east. Earlier on both sides of the gate were huge earth walls surrounding the city so you could only go through this gate.

Walking to the left we saw this wonderful landscape

The little yellow building is Nesvizh Castle. We were on our way...

...but met this cool duck. I've never seen such colors on ducks

Walking in quiet park surrounding the Castle I've never expected to see what I saw

And then quiet... again ^_^

Another one

I must admit as much as I hate autumn this park and it's colors really got into me

According to the legend, this monument was made by Radzivil in honor of his favorite greyhound who saved him on the hunt

I don't know how much they ask for a ride but this huge park, Castle and horses dive you into this mid-century atmosphere... very nice!

Some bugs, I have no idea of what they are

And again, Sasha exiting the toilet. Looks like the stinky one

Dead leaves

Wandering around we found this rest-house and decided to sit in it for a couple of minutes and enjoy the peaceful surroundings

But what we saw inside was really sad :C

So we had to keep going and on our way back to the Castle we met this cute fellows again

Look at this tiny hat ^_^

Tourists. The guy bought a souvenir hat XDDD

To be continued... part 3
If you've noticed any mistakes I should correct, please PM me! I would really appreciate it :)
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