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My first trip (part 1)

I haven't been updating for ages! I've had a lot of going on lately and couldn't find the time to update my journal. Last Sunday (October 7th, 2012) my friend and I went to a small town called Nesvizh to see Nesvizh Castle (it is a residential castle of the Radziwiłł family). As neither of us had a car we bought train tickets (which looked just like ordinary receipts) and... because of me we missed the train. No, wait. First, I have to say there is no direct train to Nesvizh. To get there you have to go by train to Haradzieja and then there would be a bus waiting to drive you to the destination.

So was our plan. But as I said I ruined everything. The thing was I was making veggie burgers to go and totally got lost in the time. I was an hour late! I am usually very punctual and to be an hour late is a nonsense to me. So back to the story. We had to took a train to Stolbcsi (point B) and try to find a bus there. But before the journey begins let me introduce you my friend Alexandra or just Sasha:

She's exiting the toilet on the railway station in Minsk :D

Then we got on the train

Arrived to the staition in Stolbcsi we were going back and forth trying to find the bus station

And what they say about Stolbcsi is a lie. It's not a town it is a village! C: Tiny little village with tiny little railway station 

Cute little train

Garbage dump

That's how people live there

And finally we found the bus station

But there was no buses to Nesvizh (point D) so we had to go back to the railway station and wait for the next train to Haradzieja (point C). As you can see on the photos there's only few people in the town. After crowdy Minsk this was like a ghost-city to me.

The station inside, the signs are: "police", "café" and "lockers"

The next train was in an hour and we decided to take a walk around. Not surprisingly to me we saw typical village landscape

And SUDDENLY we felt like someone's very close watching us. Do you see it too? :D

Look at it's coat! <3

Walking the sand-road

Sasha found some berries

But they appeared to smell like old dirty socks, no kidding

Still looking good

That's, yeah... old russian car Jiguli (I've never understood who would buy this ugly piece of shit)


To be continued... Part 2, Part 3
If you've noticed any mistakes I should correct, please PM me! I would really appreciate it :)
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