January 19th, 2012

Recent developments

Well first of all I want to say thank you to my English-speaking friends for adding me! Second of all I want to warning you about my English. It's not my native language and not even similar to my native language so I make a lot of mistakes. Since that moment I'll try to write more posts in English. I think it's time :) As I am doing my first year at Linguistic University and my main subject is English sometimes I'll post my home-work... like essay, examination topics and ect. But mostly I want to try write about my thoughts and feelings. I won't be offence by truly comments like "shut up your English sucks".  If you feel like saying something like that then do it! :D I will write posts in Russian and Belarusian languages once in a while but don't worry I'll close them for you so they won't spoil your timeline.
So... I hope you won't remove me from your friends haha! Please don't :D

Today was the last exam in my first examination session. I am so ashamed. I've passed it but I haven't been prepared for it at all. Why am I so lazy? I could've done it better but I didn't even try. I need inspiration for studying. If I don't feel like doing something I won't do it. Btw where do you guys get inspiration for your studies? I am in love with science but according belarusian education system we can't choose classes. And we have to study some stupid ideologically and politically subjects. Our dictator brainwashes people through education. It kills me. I just want a normal life without policy. But what concerns English subjects I love them and never need inspiration for study them!

P.S. I am really enjoy reading your journals! Thank you!